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Women Fashion Shirts- Buying and Style Tips

Women Fashion Shirt
Women Fashion Shirt
15 March 2011- There are so many fashion shirts designs available for women that it gets confusing at times as to what women shirts to buy that would make us look stylish along with giving a comfortable fit. The best fashion shirts for women are those that look great, feel great and come in reasonable prices. So, here are some tips for buying women fashion shirts ans also for how to wear these dress shirts to make yourself look simply gorgeous!

Women Fashion Shirts- Buying Tips

  • While you can buy some interesting shirts designs, one of the very fashion essentials is the basic white dress shirt. So, get at least one or two white women shirts that can include one casual shirt such as tunic shirt and a one formal shirt- the more sophisticated dress shirt!
  • White is the classic color of the ladies shirts. However, there are other classic colors in women shirts too like a light pink shirt and light blue shirt.
  • If you are buying a dress shirt for the first time, get a tailored office shirt with a perfect fit. It won't help you if you try to hide your bulges in a loose fitted shirt- so buy a fitted or at least a semi fitted shirt.
  • When you are done with buying basic shirts and want to get some stylish ones, pay attention towards the colors of your fashion shirts. Choose the color which suits you best. If you have bluish-pinkish skin then go for crisp white and colors with a cool blue undertone. If you have a golden-peachy skin tone find the shirts in ivory and off-white, or the dress shirts with a red or yellow undertone.
  • Its wise to know your body measurement to get a formal shirt that fits well and lets you work in office without making you bother about your dress. Always compare your body measurements with the women shirt size chart of the brand- remember sizes vary from brand to brand.
  • If somehow you are not sure about the shirt size that you should buy, measure an office shirt you already have which you think perfectly fits you and use its size as the standard size for your own fashion shirt. Alternatively, you can try out a couple of shirts till you find the right one.
  • Stretch your budget a little for buying quality shirts. Cheap women shirts without quality do not prove to be a good deal in the long run. Expensive office shirts are made of quality fabric, nicer buttons, better stitchings and carry a reliable brand name which ensures its durability. So, always check the shirt label for ply count. Two-ply shirts have better quality than the single-ply shirts.

Women Fashion Shirts- Style Tips

Fashion Ruffle Shirt Style
Stylish Fashion Shirt
Although women shirts are mostly preferred to be worn for office, there is no limit of styles that can be achieved even by wearing these shirts. Here are some style tips for you to follow for a true stylish looks with your dress shirts.
  • Apart from the basic white shirt and the other classic color and cut shirts, get some shirts in various designs having different colors, details like ruffled neckline, length and tailoring.
  • Tunic shirts are good for casual work environments. Get these tunic shirts with different sleeve styles and neck designs.
  • Get some sober fashion accessories that go with your fashion shirts. They will give you newer looks everyday even with the same shirts!
  • For style, you can even leave the top 2-3 buttons unbuttoned! This gives a soft look to the women wearing the fashion shirts.
  • Women have got more advantages than men when it comes to shirts. They can select feminine colors to make the surrounding environment light and bright both! So, choose such colors as light pink, light blue, mint green or light purple while buying your shirts. If your office environment allows you can even go for darker hues like purple, blue and red.
  • You can even choose interesting patterns of women shirts like stripes or polka dots.
  • For bringing variety in your fashion shirts, choose stylish shirt patterns like those having details including ruffles, puffed sleeve, bib pleats and belts!
  • You can even use light jewelry pieces to wear with the fashion shirts. Get some beaded or pearl jewelry- a necklace, bracelet, cocktail ring or earrings!

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