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Women Fashion Trends 2011

An interesting article on women fashion trends 2011. Check out here what is the latest trend in women's fashion, what is the new fashion trends for 2011 in colors, dresses, and fashion accessories...
2011 Fashion Trends
Fashion Trends for 2011
18 January 2011- The year 2011 has finally arrived and now everyone is waiting for the chilly winters to end so that they may look afresh in the spring and summer of 2011! All those fashionable women out there are looking for the new fashion trends 2011 to be in sync with the season's fashion. However, no one seems to be in a mood for a major change in their fashion style as compared to the women fashion trends 2010. So, expect the retro fashion styles of classic yesteryears 1960s and 1970s as well as punk fashion of 1980s to continue even in 2011. So, have a look at how new will follow old fashion styles as suggested by the recent fashion shows displaying the flavor of the coming seasons!

Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2011- Women Clothing

As stated earlier, women fashion clothing will take a retro turn to bring the fashion elements of 1960s, 70s and 80s, including punk and biker clothing. Some of the women clothing styles that could be seen on streets in spring summer 2011 will include:
  • High waist wide leg trousers or flares, silk or satin bow-blouses with billowing or bishop sleeves. Bell bottoms, flared trousers, capri trousers will be one of the key fashion statements of 2011.
  • Sober evening gowns with draping, low necklines or dress slits.
  • Women dresses made with high sheen fabrics like the disco look of 70s, silk fabrics having sheen of metallic thread and ruffled neckline.
Spring Summer Fashion 2011
Maxi Dress Fashion 2011
  • Granny Skirts of 1960s will make a comeback with longer, gathered or pleated and even ruffled hem skirts.
  • Other skirts that will be popular in 2011 include the straight, high waist, below-the-knee skirts with a kick pleat or slit at the back.
  • Fitted sheath dresses will be seen sleeveless or with classic three-quarter sleeves.
  • Punk elements in fashion clothing for women will be a prominent feature of fashion trends 2011. Studs on clothes like jackets, T-shirts etc. could be easily seen.
  • Biker clothing as street fashion will be popular enough and this will give even more popularity to leather wear and thick padded clothing. Many fashion designers have introduced inovative biker clothing in fashion shows such as sleek jackets, skirts and trousers which would be hot favorites in 2011.
  • See through maxi dresses of sheer fabrics will enchant everyone in spring summer 2011.
  • Lace dresses, skirts and even crochet and macrame fabrics that will be popular high street fashion of 2011.

Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2011- Accessories

Along with fashion clothes, fashion accessories with a retro touch will be there to mesmerize the fashionable crowd in 2011. Some of the examples of fashion accessories that will be popular in 2011 include the following.
Fashion Accessories Trends 2011
Fashion Accessories Trends 2011
  • Vintage sunglasses or vintage style sunglasses will be the most sought after fashion accessories in spring summer 2011. The cat eye glasses will be especially popular among the fashionable women.
  • Belted handbags will be the hottest among the purse trends 2011. Clutch purses which were quite popular in the recent years will no more be a trendy accessory for 2011.
  • For footwear, clunky wooden shoes with punky fashion accessories like brass studding etc. will be popular. Kitten heels too are a trendy fashion shoe style for 2011. Dainty, pointed, and either retro-inspired or minimalist kitten heels would be liked by the fashionable women this spring and summer.
  • Crochet and tassels in clothing as well as accessories like handbags and hats would be popular in 2011.
As understood from the above fashion trends for 2011, the keywords for women fashion 2011 will be punky fashion, striped and leopard patterns, bright colors and all types of accessories and clothes that give a retro classic feel of 1960s and 1970s!

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