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Tips to Buy Ladies Blouses for Work

Ladies Blouses For Work
Ladies Blouse for Work
27 April 2011- All women out there have to buy and wear ladies blouses! After all these blouses are the most convenient clothing- either for a casual, formal or work wear. So, why not ponder upon certain facts about making these very simple and comfortable ladies blouses into an elegant as well as glamorous outfit! This article is going to focus on ladies blouses for work and how to select the right one to look good and equally glamorous at office too. So, have some tips to buy ladies blouses for work.

How to Choose Ladies Blouses for Work?

All the women have their own personal choice when it comes to select blouses for office. Some like to wear sleeveless ladies blouses and some others like them with sleeves. Many women just want to wear the basic plain blouses with minimal patterns and designs while others prefer to wear blouses having more of details like frills, ruffles etc. There is nothing bad in choosing any of this as workwear but what is important is the line that has to be drawn when buying ladies blouses for work and those for other outings.

Buy Ladies Blouses As Per Face Shape

Consider the shape of your face when buying blouses- not only for work but as a general rule. Women with square look good in ladies blouses with V neck. Long faces are more complimented by blouses having square or round necklines and round necklines. Sabrina neckline or for that matter, any other wide necklines will also suit women having long face shape. Women with round face, however, should avoid these wide necklines as well as the closed collar blouses.
Ladies Blouses For Work
Square Neck Ladies Blouse

Buy Ladies Blouses As Per Body Type

The ladies blouses cuts are the next important thing when buying them. Women with wider structure should go for such blouses that have empire cut as they will make their body look in proportion. More leaner women can try fitted blouses. If you are somewhat fat, avoid horizontal stripes and go for vertical stripe blouses to look a little slimmer. Along with cuts, you should also consider the color of the blouse. Ladies blouses in bright colors help in attracting the onlookers eyes towards upper body. So, women with wider hips can wear bright colored blouses. Black and other dark colors are always a good option for women with fat body type.

General Tips to Buy Ladies Blouses for Work

  • When you buy ladies blouses, it is obvious that you will consider its fabric too. Go for cool fabrics like cotton or linen in summers and other fabrics like silk and polyester etc. for winters. When buying silk blouses for work, see that its color or feel is not very rich as they will not fit the office environment.
  • If you are looking for something to wear with your business suit then nothing is better than the crisp button-down blouses.
White Ladies Blouses For Work
White Ladies Blouse
  • The classic white blouse can prove to be a great addition to your work wardrobe as it makes you smart enough for work. Also, you can wear it with anything- a trouser or a skirt. You can even mix it up with bright colors and decent patterns.
  • Ladies blouses with collars are considered the best for office wear but if you want to buy blouses with different types of collar patterns, there is no harm in it too. Just make sure that when you buy a blouse without collar and with necklines such as V neck, round or square neckline, they are not very low necks. You, obviously don't want to divide your attention in managing your dress while dealing business in office!

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