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Choosing the Perfect Business Suit

While working in a professional environment and being on go all through out the day to attend various meetings, conferences and client meets, a female has to look equivalent to her male peers. Since a lady has to follow the typical dress code of business suits and formals, she also has to maintain her femininity. Here are few suggestions which can help you get the perfect business suit:

 Women Business Suit
Women Business Suit
  • Always go for a color which suits you well. Experimenting the colors with business suits would not be a good idea. The classic tones of black, navy and gray are the safest options as these look good on almost every kind of structure, figure and skin tone.
  • Look for a suitable fabric, though a good quality worsted wool is the most versatile fabric for all seasons. Try to avoid polyester blends.
  • The fabric should be wrinkle free, so that one looks presentable even after hours of donning it.
  • Go for jacket style suits. Single breasted suits are a classic style which suit almost everyone. Double breasted suits or ones that button to the collar can be the other options.
  • Decide the jacket length and pocket styles beforehand to avoid confusion at the last moment. Besom pockets are perfect to have a crisp professional look while patch pockets provide a slight casual look.
  • As female one can pick anything amongst the alternative options of skirts and pants. Where on one hand, the skirt suits suit the highly formal business settings while pantsuits are acceptable in most of the workplaces. Though it is wise to buy a three piece set of jacket, skirt and pant to have your options open all the time.
  • Each pant style provide a unique look hence one has to be careful while picking it. Flat-front pants provide a sleek, slimming look while cuffed legs add volume to the suit. Pleat pants on the other hand are quite dressy and thus, provide a scope to move around. The uncuffed legs help in elongating the leg.
  • Make sure that you have a perfect jacket fit. The collar has to lie flat on the back of the neck while shoulders need to be slightly padded but not boxy or sloped. Also, sleeves have to ideally reveal a ¼ to ½ inches of dress cuff.

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