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Styles of Wedding Dresses Gowns

Styles of Wedding Gowns
Styles of Wedding Gowns
25 March 2011- For any woman, wedding is one of the most special events of her life and so are the wedding dress that she wears for it! Many considerations go into selection of wedding dresses- colors, designs, patterns, embellishments and most importantly style of wedding dresses. There are so many types of wedding dresses but nothing beats the wedding gowns! The wedding dresses gowns are available in many styles and patterns- some simple and some elaborately designed. This article discusses some classical styles of wedding gowns and some more modern styles of wedding gowns for the modern woman!

Traditional Wedding Gown Styles

Wedding dresses gowns have always been patterned on the basis of the styles of the day- the style that prevailed at that period of time. In the years ranging from 1920 to 1940, wedding dresses were typically short in the front and had a longer train in the back. They were worn with cloche-style wedding veils. These vintage wedding dresses were usually wedding gowns with sleeves. Later, long, full-skirted wedding gowns came into vogue.

Ball Style Wedding Gown Dress

Ball Style Wedding GownRed Ball Wedding Gown
Ball Wedding GownRed Ball Wedding Gown
Ball style wedding gowns are made with a fitted bodice and a full skirt. Ball gowns are perfectly traditional wedding dresses, especially the white gowns as as they give a perfect formal look to the bride. However, many modern brides also go for colored wedding gowns in ball style which too look equally good. Fabrics like satin or chiffon are extensively used to make ball wedding gowns that are further embellished with beading or lace work on bodice and fluffy layers on the skirt to give an impression of a fairy tale wedding. A ball wedding gown is ideal for women with slender or pear-shaped figures.

Mermaid Style Wedding Gown Dress

Mermaid Style Wedding GownMermaid Wedding Gown
Mermaid Wedding GownModern Mermaid Gown
The mermaid wedding gowns instantly take you back to the royal feel of Victorian era. However, this traditional style of wedding gown has been given modern looks by today's designers. Now it is not essential that you would find that ruffled pattern of the mermaid skirt but they can be given a variety of looks with the use of frills, laces and other such decorations. These mermaid wedding dresses cling to the body from the chest to the knee and then expands outwards giving a flaring effect. The skirt of this style of wedding gown can be made in any shape including round, trumpet or flamenco. As far as fabrics for mermaid style wedding gowns are concerned, light silks and satin are the favorites of the wedding dress designers. Mermaid style gown is ideal for slim women.

Princess Style Wedding Gown Dress

Princess Style Wedding GownA-Line Wedding Gown
Princess Wedding GownA-Line Wedding Gown
Princess style wedding gowns are basically the A-line gowns. These A- line wedding dresses fit around the bodice and flow out to the ground like the letter "A". Length of this gown can be adjusted according to one's taste. Fabrics used for A-line wedding gowns popularly include silk, satin and organza. Laces, bead work, ribbons or bows are also extensively used to make these simple wedding gowns more stylish. This style of wedding gown suits almost all the body types. However, women who do not have a defined waistline should avoid wearing this style of gown on their wedding day.

Empire Wedding Gown Dress

Empire Style Wedding Gown Empire Waist Wedding Gown
Empire Wedding GownEmpire Waist Wedding Gown
The empire wedding gowns are on of the classic wedding dresses. These wedding gowns are made with a raised waistline beginning just below the bust from where the rest of the dress flows down to the hem. A square neckline and wide set straps or sleeves goes well with this type of gown. However, modern brides these days also like to wear V-neck or halter neck wedding gowns in empire waist style. Silk chiffon over other base fabric gives an elegant look to empire waist wedding gowns apart from combinations of such fabrics as brocade for bodice and satin skirt. Empire wedding gowns are most suitable for short women having small petite figure.

Column/Sheath Wedding Gown Dress

Column Style Wedding Gown Sheath Wedding Gown
Column Wedding Gown Sheath Wedding Gown
The sheath or column wedding gowns have a narrow shape and flows straight down from the neckline to the hem. The strapless column wedding dresses look very elegant and are perfect for certain wedding dresses themes like beach wedding. Light silks and satin fabrics are perfect for a column dress where as heavier fabrics like damask can be used when the shape has to be maintained. This wedding gown style looks best on women with lean figures. If well fitted column wedding dress is made, they can restrict the bride's movements. However, pleats or gathering in the back of the dress can give enough room to move freely.

Modern Wedding Gown Styles

Although modern wedding gowns are basically the same as the traditional wedding dresses, they are given certain contemporary touch by the designers to have the modern look. This may include such features as halter necks, backless gowns, and even experiments with colors in wedding gowns. The images below can very well explain the feel of modern wedding gowns styles!
Modern Wedding Gown Style Red Wedding Gown
Modern Wedding Gown Red Wedding Gown
Colored Wedding GownHalter Neck Wedding Gown
Colored Wedding GownHalter Neck Wedding Gown

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