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What Fashion Accessories to Wear in Summer?

16 February 2011- You sure want to make your summers cool! Else why would you read this article? Although hot summers do not look favorable for fashionable women, one can be "perfectly cool" with the right choice of summer clothing and the right fashion accessories. Here are some tips to select the right type of fashion accessories to look real cool in summers!

Minimal Cool Summer Jewelry!

Summer Fashion Jewelry
Heavy jewelry is a big NO for summer fashion- you already know that. So what kind of jewelry to wear in summer? Get something which feels and looks light- like beads jewelry or metal jewelry having cool effect- like silver or sterling silver jewelry! If you want to be classy then go for moonstone or pearls jewelry. As far as matching is concerned, wear beaded jewelry with your summer fashion tops and shorts, metal ones with dresses and if you don't wear any jewelry with your khakis and cargo pants then also it's ok!

Cool Cool Summer Bags!

Summer Fashion Bags
There will be occasions when you won't need any type of fashion bags like when you are casually going out in a cargo pants and have the luxury of multiple pockets to carry your belongings! However, on almost all the other occasions, you will need to carry a bag too. So, find a cool bag made of summer cool fabrics for carrying to college, markets etc. If you need something more fashionable yet cool (leather bags really do not make too much sense in summers), you can always go for traditional bags made in modern styles- like the jute bags! And if you plan to visit beach, be prepared with some beach bags or tote bags for the purpose.

Gorgeous Summer Cool Eye wear!

Summer Fashion Sunglasses
Summer fashion is really enchanting when you think about those sexy fashion eye wear- the large goggles and sunglasses! You can buy one or two of them in such a way that they complement most of your summer fashion wear or go for multiple eye wear to match with your summers dresses. You can even go for fashion contact lenses to suit the pastel shades of your summer fashion dresses!

Summer Cool "Feel Free" Footwear!

Summer Fashion Footwear
Summer fashion footwear are those which give the maximum feeling of openness- the snadals with one or two straps or even slippers for casual outings and as beach footwear, canvas shoes as well as fabric shoes- all can be worn as significant summer fashion accessories! If you must wear something formal in footwear, you need not buy leather boots or the likes. Instead, you can buy boots or other formal footwear made from summer leather- special cool leather meant for making summer fashion foot accessories!

"Keep in Place" Summer Hair Accessories!

Summer Fashion Hair Accessories
Messy hair or hairstyles which need you to keep your hair open are a big fashion mistake in summers. You really need some functional (which can be beautiful too) hair accessories for summers that can keep your hair in place and give you relief from hot weather. These can be anything- from ponytail holders, scrunchies, barrettes to the old simple hair pins that can give you a real summer fashion look!

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