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Different Neckline Designs for Ladies Tops and Tunics

There are various neckline designs options for ladies tops, tunic, kurtis. The neckline designs are very important in the overall look and impression of a woman's dress. Let us explore some of the popular designer neckline styles that are the popular trends in the fashion market. However there is no end to list of neck designs in women dresses. For any kind of women garment, whether a gown or a top, kurti or tunic or an evening dress, it is important to choose carefully the neckline design in terms of current fashion. A proper neckline design can accentuate the wearer's dress .

Neckline Designs
Different Neckline Designs

V-Neck Neckline

The V neck neckline is very common and here the fabric slopes down to a point between or above the breasts. A low cut V neckline accentuates the bust and cleavage and a deep, narrow V can also draw attention away from broad shoulders.

Turtle Neck

In turtleneck style, the fabric rises up around the throat, sleekly or in folds, to sit under the chin.

Cowl Neck

A cowl neckline is another popular style, in which there is excess fabric, so that instead of smoothly falling across the body, the neckline drapes and forms soft curves.

Strapless Neckline

Strapless necklines as the name suggest have no straps to hold the garment up. Also known as bustier. Usually the top or the dress is made of stretchy material and supported with zipper at the back.

Sabrina Neckline

Sabrina neckline is a variation of the strapless style. It is a slightly curving neckline that extends from shoulder to shoulder with cutout u-shapes at the sides to accommodate the arms. This neckline was named after Audrey Hepburn in the film Sabrina, as she did not like the look of her collarbone and so to hide it, this strapless neckline was designed.

One-Shouldered Neckline

This type of neckline is supported by a single spaghetti strap or it may be an neckline , cut across the torso diagonally, angled from the shoulder to the opposite underarm.

Boat-shaped Neckline

A wide neckline in the the shape of a shallow canoe. The look broadens the shoulders.

Sweetheart Neckline

This is heart shaped neckline in front, highlighting the bust and cleavage. Can be strapless or strapped.

Halter Necks

Have the elements of the V neck and sweetheart neckline. With a v-neck or heart shape in front, there is a fabric band wrapping around the neck. It is sleeveless and backless. This neckline tends to accentuate the bust.

Keyhole Neckline

This style has teardrop shaped opening that starts a few inches in from the shoulders. This is fairly high neckline, below which a small portion of the fabric is cut out to display glimpses of flesh, often the cleavage. The tear drop cut looks like an old fashioned keyhole and hence the name.

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