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Latest Ladies Hand Bags 2011- The Trends!

Latest Ladies Hand Bags
Latest Hand Bags
22 February 2011- Following the women fashion trends 2011, the handbags too will follow the retro trends! This means, the fashion bags this year are going to be bigger, brighter, with many details in bold and bright designs and colors too!

Oversized Ladies Handbags

Not only the latest ladies handbags continue to remain oversized but all comfortable too. There will be such features in the ladies handbags of 2011 as top handles to carry the bag in style along with shoulder straps for when the lady wants her hands free she can do so! What more these straps would not destroy the looks of the designer shoulder bags because more often they will be with removable straps- which could be put on and off according to the requirement of beautiful ladies!
Ladies Oversized Handbag Oversized Designer Ladies Handbag
Ladies Oversized Handbag Oversized Designer Handbag

Ladies Handbags with Animal Prints

And ladies there who love to have handbags with all designer prints, will love to carry animal prints handbags because they are one of the latest trends in ladies handbags- though they have been in trends for quite a few time now. Oversized leather or other handbags with leopard prints and giraffe prints will make the ladies all trendy this season!
Leopard Print Ladies Handbag Giraffe Print Ladies Handbag
Leopard Print Handbag Giraffe Print Handbag

Bright Colored Ladies Handbags

Whether you are looking for tote bags or beach bags, you won't find them in subtle colors- at least if you are where there are latest ladies hand bags! Of course neutrals can never go out of fashion but if you want to go trendy, you have to have bright yellows, purples, reds and colors like these in your handbag! Also, certain retro handbag styles such as Boho Hippy bags will also be very much IN.
Boho Hippy Bag Bright Colored Tote Bag
Boho Hippy Bag Bright Tote Bag

Heavily Accessorized Ladies Handbags

Not only will be the latest ladies handbags will be oversized in 2011 but they will also have much accessories to go with the punk fashion style of women fashion trends 2011. These accessories will include broad belts, studs, ruffles and fur trims!
Ladies Belted Handbag Ladies Studded Handbag
Ladies Belted Handbag Ladies Studded Handbag

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