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Ladies Handbags as per the Body Types

Handbag For Body Type
Handbags For Body Type
Handbags are a kind of fashion accessory which provide a sense of completion to the entire look. Apart from accessorizing the look handbags are the utility essentials which are must while you are on the go. There are few cardinal pointers which needs to be remembered while selecting a ladies handbag as per one's body type. Here are few tips regarding the selection of handbags in accordance to the various body types.

Handbag for Full or Wide Upper Half Body Type

If your upper half is heavier or on a fuller side then go for a kind of bag which adds weight to the lower half of the body. A bag which has a long thin strap ending around the body’s mid section or even more lower would be perfect for such body type. Cross body bags and messenger bags would be the right picks for such body kinds.

Handbag for Full or Wide Hips and Legs Body Type

Ladies with full or wide hips and legs should pick a kind of bag that visually adds volume to the upper body part. A bag that ends around your upper bust or midsection would suit this particular body type the best. Leather shoulder bags ending at the mid section or longer bags with narrow bodies would suit perfect for wide hipped and full legged ladies.

Handbag for Curvy or Plus-size Figure Body Type

Curvy or plus size women should go for the biggest possible bags. It should be solid colored and simply designed. A small bag would only emphasize the fuller shape hence go for lager bags. Big leather tote bags or oversized handbags would render best for such body kind.

Handbag for Short or Petite Frame Body Type

ladies handbag
Long Handbag

For short petite frames try creating a long lean line to the frame by carrying a long strap bag. Prefer a vertically long bag-shape. Short framed females should avoid large bags with lots of detailing. Bags with narrow bodies or details that run at a vertical line are the best suited picks for such body type.

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