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Clutch Bags: Buying Tips

Ladies Clutch Bag
Ladies Clutch Bag
Ladies clutch bags are a rage these days with enough glam quotient to style up any outfit with its chic and suave make. However, buying a clutch bag is not that easy. There are few things which needs to be kept in mind prior to buying the ladies clutch bags. Here are certain guidelines to help you buy the perfect clutch bag

Matching Quotient of Clutch Bag

Buy a an outfit matching only if you plan to use it with that particular dress only. But if you want to use a single clutch bag with multiple dresses then it is best to go for a kind of clutch which complements most of your dresses. Black or leather brown colored clutch bags go well with most of the dresses. Also make sure that you dont buy a kind which is unlike your personality. A big satchel which is absolutely unlike your personality might not make a very good fashion statement.

Designer Clutch Bags for Events

Just the way multi dollar worth designer dresses are meant for grand parties, designer clutch bags are also meant for special occasions. Flaunting an expensive clutch bag at a neighboring kitty party would be a bit off track. One should understand the worth and value of a designer clutch bag. Carrying an exclusive clutch bag on a daily basis would make it loose its exclusivity hence save the designer clutches for real special occasions.
Clutch Bag
Designer Clutch Bag

Shade of Clutch bags

For clutch bags pick a color which goes well with your personality. A bright fuchsia shade of pink or green does not suit easily to everyone. Hence, choose a color which complements well with your persona. Pick sober colors if you are not as outgoing and rebellious as the ones going for bold fuchsia shades.

Comfortable Hold of Clutch Bags

To avoid the unpleasant incidents of snatch-and-run or missing the clutches, ensure a tight grip or grip area on the bag. It should also be easy in palm so as to provide comfortable grip.

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