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Stylish Churidar Suits To Glamorize Your Personality

22 October 2010- Have you ever tried to create an aura of royalty with your dressing? Check out the feel of churidar suits that is the traditional Indian dress but with time it is coming up in the category of women fashion wear. Owing to its great appeal, this is quiet a popular dress in almost all the parts of India. Earlier it was made from a simple fabric but now more designer and trendy fabrics are used to make the trendy churidar suit.
Stylish Churidar Suits
Stylish Churidar Suits

Churidar Suits for Comfort

Although there are many other Indian dresses but it is the comfort of churidar suit that keeps it above other. Even if you are wearing a very heavily embroidered churidar you wont feel any discomfort in carrying it with grace. Then it comes in so many styles that it has become a favorite choice of many girls. It can be a fascinating party wear churidar suit if stitched from silk fabric having sequel or thread embroidery and at the same time it can be made into casual or regular wear dress when stitched from cotton fabric.

Churidar Kurta for Fat Women

Also it is not at all difficult to find the churidar suits for fat as well as very thin female and if you have any specific size or shape requirement then you can also get this stitched from the professional tailors at reasonable price but with same impact. Fat women can wear churidar suit that is made up of heavy fabric as it will hide their flabs. Also it is better idea to have a panel design in front of the kurta instead of strips or polka dots. If you are looking something in stripes then always go with the vertical strips rather than horizontal ones. Wear dark colors of churidar suit to keep your flab hidden. Know more Style Secrets for Looking Slim!
Churidar Suit
Churidar Suit
As new to new fabric is coming up in the clothing market, the trend of stretchable fabric is also not untouched. Most of the trendy churidar suits these days are made up of stretchable fabric that takes your body shape very easily. It gives an appeal of both Indian as well as Western dress.

Anarkali Churidar Suits

Then anarkali churidar suits suits are quiet a rage this time. Also with the approaching wedding season demand for the anarkali churidar suits is mounting. In anarkali churidar suit the kameez (shirt) has a huge flare and the churidar has many folds. To make these anarkali suits fabric that has a natural flow is used. For an added style you can keep the main kurta sleeveless and make a transparent jacket over it.

So feel the ravishing style of churidar suits this season and bring the charm to your life.

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