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Does Saree look Good on All Women?

By: Deepa Roy

08 October 2010- Saree is a sexy outfit. Do you know someone who opposes this statement? It is said that the body of an average Indian woman is most suitable for wearing a saree. However, there are two views- for and against- regarding the question raised through this write up. Before drawing any conclusion on whether all women look good in saree, we must know what the supporters and those who oppose, have to say.

No! Some Women Don't Look Good in Saree

There are many people out there who think that saree is not fit for all body types. It only suits curvaceous women. Those who have a square body type with long and straight torsos or those who are overweight, do not look good in saree. As far as western and even other Indian dresses are concerned, they can be made in such a way that enhances one's figure by hiding the body flaws. But this can not be done with a saree. Also, saree's silhouette is very limiting as is its length. It can not be modified to emphasize or hide body flaws. For them, saree is like a uniform with same length, drape and silhouette.

Yes! Saree is for All Women

Those who support saree as a universal clothing for Indian women say- nothing is hotter than a saree. Women, especially, the celebrities who, nowadays, mostly wear gowns or other western outfits at public events think that a size zero figure can not be flaunted in saree. Others who hesitate from wearing a saree mostly include those who are overweight or who do not find it comfortable as their daily wear. However, it all depends upon the proper selection of sarees according to one's body type and the way a saree is draped. That is also the case with other clothings- be it Indian or western. How else can we explain the growing supply of plus size clothing that are made to accentuate the figure of larger women? A saree can also be worn in ways that can enhance or hide the flaws of one's body. With the innovations in the field of blouses -backless, halter, tube, full-sleeves, V-neck- sarees can also be made to look good on women of any body type. As far as uniformity of saree is concerned, no one has stopped from experimenting with saree. Innovations in fashion industry like 'chhotu sarees' designed by Sabyasachi Mukherjee is the answer to it and also to those who don't wear saree due to its being uncomfortable for its length.

The Conclusion

After going through the views- for and against- it seems that saree too, is like any other outfit that can accentuate or kill the personality of the wearer. If chosen and worn carefully along with the right accessories, saree can look good on all women. To know how you can do this, read What Saree to Wear For Your Body Type?

About the Author

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Does Saree look Good on All Women?

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