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Styles In Wedge Sandals

The ultimate epitome of fashion for a woman, besides her dress, is wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes. A classic pair of stilettos is simply irresistible for any woman. But then for may wearing heels are not always comfortable and can amount to lot of fashion goof ups as well. That is why, wedge heels are preferred by many in the fashion circuit because of the thickness and even distribution of the sole. Besides raising your glamor quotient, wedge sandals offer comfort to your feet as well. Summers and springs are the best time to take out your wedge sandals. Wedge sandals become the hot picks in warm weather. Wedges are always fun, casual and dressy, and always keep with modern styles and trends in fashion footwear.

Wedge Sandals
Wedge Sandals

Features of Wedge Sandals

  • Wedge sandals are usually made of materials like leather, nubuck, soft suede or leather upper.
  • All wedges have a cushioned foot bed along with heel pad. This offers cushioned comfort.
  • The smooth leather lining in wedge sandals takes away moisture and provides comfort while walking.
  • Ankle straps joined paired with adjustable elastic panel or metal buckle provides a secure as well as a comfortable fit.
  • The toe may be round or squared. Or open in style. It gives protection to the forefeet.
  • The texture wedge heel expands from the front to the back and thereby expands the height of the sandal.
  • The sole is non-skid in nature.
  • The sole of the wed sandal offers supreme traction.
  • Styles In Wedge Sandals

    Wedge sandals styles are diverse and vibrant. The best part is that their styles change periodically with fashion trends. Some of the popular styles of wedges are given below. Check out for the fashionable wedge shoes that offer a flattering style and an intense face lift.

  • Cork Wedge Sandals : These are very light weight sandal.

  • Suede Wedge Sandals : The material suede provides a soft feel to the feet and they are very elegantly textured.

  • Peep Toe Wedge Sandals : They provide complete comfort to the feet.

  • Metallic Wedge Sandals : These are specially designed to be worn in parties with amazing glittering and shiny work.

  • Platform Wedge Sandals : They go well with casual wear.

  • Slingback Wedge Sandals : These are perfect for evening wear. They go well with formal outfits.

  • Strappy Wedge Sandals : They are used for every day use and are similar to thong wedge sandals .

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