Style Secrets for Looking Slimmer
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Style Secrets for Looking Slimmer

Dress To Look Slimmer
Dress To Look Slimmer
No matter what size you are, for looking slim, cut, color and design of your attire matters a lot. There is no doubt no alternative for a healthy diet and exercise, but a little care taken in the dress that you wear and certain style tips can make all the difference. Darker colors render a appeal of slimness than lighter colors. One of the most slimming color known to be is black whereas you can also go for dark plumy and berry colors. Moreover fabric, style, outlining and cut of your dress make a difference to your contour. Your whole outfit, including type of neckline, length of the hem, thickness and fitting of your fabric, what you are going to wear around your waist line, your accessories can give you that perfect look. Some tips by which you can create that slim look are as follows:
  • You can opt for layering your attire instead of a single piece to get a slim look. Don't wear very tight and bulky fabrics. Loose fitting floppy attire makes your look larger than what you actually you are.
  • Good quality fabrics that hang rather than cling to your body are more adorning.
  • Horizontal stripes in clothes can give the illusion of being more slim. However wearing a single vertical stripe or multiple vertical stripes can give a tall appearance to the entire figure. Diagonal stripes render a leaner appeal.
  • Looking Slimmer
    Looking Slimmer
  • High round and turtle neck lend heavy look to the person. Try to go for V neck, deep round neck and square neck.
  • The most perfect length for short and medium height women to get a slim look is above or just on knees. While, taller women can go for longer hemlines.
  • Though tapered trousers are very fashionable, they make your hips look bigger and your legs look shorter. Instead traditional boot cut style trousers render leg lengthening and slimming look.
  • When it is related to fashion accessories, wide and broad belts can give an illusion of hour glass figure. Whether you are slim or bulky at the middle, wide and cinch waisted belts lend perfect outlining of figure. Along with this, long necklaces also help in elongating your body.
  • Try to use high heels as they help in elongating legs of your body. Wearing high heels also make feet, ankles look thinner.
Thus, by following these few tips, you can make your appeal more slimmer and leaner.

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