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Five Inexpensive Quickies for a Subtle Makeover

At times we get really bored of the same monotonous look and yearn for a change. One can indeed go for a subtle makeover that too without much of an expenses. Check out how-

Here are few quick tips which can help you look changed and afresh with small little things


Multiple use of Clothing

Multiply the use of a single type of clothing or accessory. For example if belts are in this season than go a little different by using a long scarf as a belt. Not only does it make you look different, but also lets you make high fashion statement.

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry tops high in the the fashion arena. All you need to do is borrow old vintage jewelry pieces from your mother or better still from grandmother, to flaunt them with your chic and trendy outfits.

Change Hair Parting

A new haircut definitely gives you a brand new look but in case you don't want to go for a new hairdo, you can change your usual parting on the other side of the head. This would allow you a refreshing new look for sure, besides, middle hair parting is a hot new trend these days.

Different Purses

If you have a couple of nice bags or purses then try to keep changing them in a regular order. This doest let your look typecast in a single way.

Layering the Jewelry

Try as much layering as possible with accessories. A single bracelet looks nice on a wrist, so does a single necklace but if you multiply the same bracelet or necklace to say four to five different pieces, it would indeed become a subject of conversation among people.

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