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Top 5 ways to elevate the look of a simple Jeans and T-shirt

The best and most comfy dresses that girls often love wearing are a pair of jeans and T-shirt! And, that is one of the most loved outfits when you are in hurry or have to rush to a place. Not only it keeps us comfortable but can look way more classy and stylish like you have never thought about.

And, it’s not that just a few of us do that or prefer T-shirt and Jean as the most comfortable gift but they are often the most favorite outfits for many reporters and other working ladies out there. W2e have come up with these really fashionable and trendy ways of adding glam to your simple T-shirt and jeans.

Here are top 10 ways to rock your tee and denim look……

1. A long Jacket to bring an elegant look

The extra length of the long jacket gives an illusion of a lean and long frame and that will give an elegant feel to your overall look that’s the best part of wearing a long Jacket. That will completely change the look helping you with a fabulous look. Does not matter if the Tee and jeans you are wearing are very basic you will look stylish!

long jacket

2. Flat Sneakers with Pointed Toe

No matter what magic high heels create but comfy sleek pair of sneakers have their own magic. You are going to look more dapper in that. They will change completely the way you look and will also help you in easing the pain of toe squishing. You are going to get a refined and finishing touch after wearing them with a pair of jean and Tee.

flat sneakers with pointed toe

3. A Tailored Blazer

Putting on a fitted and tailored blazer can do it all for you and bring that dapper look that you have always wanted. And, not much of the effort you will need to put in! You can just push the sleeves up if you want a casual look and more if you want a prepster look you can pop up the collar.

tailored blazer

4. A Standout Belt

Use a classy and stylish belt that can grab the attention of the people! All you need to do is to tuck your tee into your jeans and that will surely let you notice the amazing transformation in your look. You can add on to the look by using a belt with large and super-shiny buckles and also take care of the texture and the print to add on to the fun.

standout belt

5. Put up some Sparkle into your look

The best thing to go for whenever in doubt is putting up something glitzy, something sparkling and that way you can add on to the dapper look of your simple tee and jeans. You will surely get a feel of being fancier. Just go for a sparkling crystal necklace or deck yourself up with sequin blazer that will be great idea! You need not worry of being too much glitzy because the casual look of yours will balance it up.

Choose to be stylish always!! No matter if it’s a simple outfit you are wearing or something glamorous, you can always get that special feel.

Do special and be special!!

sparkle look

costume jewelry

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