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What to wear and what not : Plus size women fashion tips

Plus Size Fashion
Plus Size Fashion
Each and every woman has the right of looking and feeling good. It doesn't matter what her shape and size is actually. Buxom and curvy body lady can also lend her look as a lady carrying slim figure. The importanr factor to consider is your dressing sense. Wearing the appropriate outfit can heighten one's confidence and self esteem whereas wrong clothes can bring a bad image of your body. Always keep in mind that when it comes to appropriate clothing than size doesn't matter. Although some plus sized women are unaware of fashion styles which make them look funny and sometimes larger than usually they are. Some dos and don't in dressing are as follows:


  • Always dress any outfit according to your size. Never ever try to go for a smaller size. For plus size women, tailors are like their best friends. You can spend some money to make your clothes fit.
  • Remember that five qualitative outfits can make far better wardrobe than multiple times disposable clothes.
  • Use wide legged jeans or slacks as it will make you look longer and slimmer. They perfectly go with boots, sandals or pointed heels.
  • You can also go for some accentuations like go for a manicure or pedicure. Also, French-tipped, chrome and ivory-polished fingernails and toenails make clothes combinations peppy.
  • Use high and pointed heels. Enhancing depth of your overall appeal, heels will render to look your feet longer.
  • Always try to wear lines that go up and down. This will help in adding length of your figure as well as slimming the broadest part of your fatigue. Earth tone colors are always considered as perfect for women. Inspite of black, you can also go for chocolate, white, mustard, beige, tar heel blue, maroon etc. which are good for lengthening and slimming any plus sized women.


  • Avoid the attire which is smaller in size than you. Either the dress is sexy or you are liking it very much, leave that alone as it will make you sweaty and uneasy at times.
  • Avoid outfits in which lining goes across as lines will lend a more wider look to women. Along with this, avoid brighter colors as these make bigger images. This will cause an unnecessary attention of everyone towards you. Bright colors if worn in undersized and tight fitting clothes than it is the worst thing that can be happen. Prevent wearing colors like candy apple red, sunshine yellow or violet.
  • If your feet are wide in shape, than avoid wearing narrow shoes as may be they are painful to walk in as well as to look at.
  • Don't wear tapered jeans as at the ankles it will make your ankles look fat and stumpy.
  • Try to avoid some fashion styles like wearing spandex, overly sized shirts, bikinis, large robe like dresses, skinny and low cut jeans, high shorts and short skirts.
  • Thus in all, avoid the don'ts. Always do the do's. Wear something that makes you feel good about yourself, because that is the most important thing.

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